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Contact:: Mauricio Gomez Sigala
Work Phone:: +(506) 4032-4190
Calle Potrerillos, San Rafael, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Flexipark, del puente del rio Virilla, 100m Norte, 400m Oeste. A mano derechaBodegas D2, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Tomorrow’s Technology…Today

What is it that dentists want in a dental laboratory? The highest quality. State-of-the-art technology. Superior value. Timely delivery of consistently excellent and highly aesthetic products. The VIAX Laboratory is designed to give every dentist those qualities…and more.
VIAX Process Overview

Each case we receive is immediately entered into our proprietary CAD/CAM-driven system, and assessed and evaluated by specially trained experts. In the case of any questions or suggestions, the prescribing doctor is contacted before we process the case. We believe that doctor-to-doctor consultation is the best solution; in fact, this level of professional communication is truly unique and a defining element in VIAX’s service commitment as a truly customer-driven resource.

VIAX Products and Services

VIAX is a comprehensive dental laboratory.
Where Quality Is Our First Priority

Every VIAX restoration goes through a Three-Phase quality control process. In the initial phase, the stone and its presentation are checked, as well as the correct mounted models for proper occlusion and bite registration. In the second phase, the quality of the milling or printing is meticulously reviewed. Finally, in the third phase, a VIAX supervising dentist confirms that all processes have been correctly followed and that the product will deliver the objectives of your prescription. It’s all about communication, consistency and dependability.
Product and Services include:

- FIRSTFIT™ (Crown, Bridge and Removable Appliance)
- Implants
- Crowns
- Bridges
- Veneers
- Inlays & Onlays
- Digital Design

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