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Contact:: Luis Wachong
Work Phone:: 2297-6300
Work Email:: lwachong@unibe.ac.cr
Tibás, 200 metros este del ICE de Tibás, Calle Florida, 11303, San Jose, Costa Rica

We are a private medical center that has succeeded in directing its specialized medical services under the concept of integral health care. Our goal is to offer the best personalized integral health service to assure our users physical, emotional and social well-being. Our work strengthens on our search for excellence in each and every service we offer.

Our programs include on an individual basis, outpatient medical attention oriented towards health prevention and promoting healthy life styles, surgery rooms for childbirth, reconstructive and plastic surgery, maxilophacial surgery, laparoscopy and arthroscopy, orthopedics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, among others. We offer our treatments and surgeries to patients from different parts of the world.

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