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Contact:: Ingrid Diaz
Work Phone:: 650 6302931
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San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos, United States

At Tropical Medical Travel we offer Alternative Medicine as well as Medical Tourism.We are committed to facilitating Top Medical Specialists in a comfortable paradisiacal setting: Costa Rica!

Helping You Stay Healthy!


We know there is nothing in the world more important than health. That is why we want you to have the best treatment at an affordable cost.

At Tropical Medical Travel, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make you enjoy your medical vacations.

Costa Rica has been treating international patients for over 47 years. Unlike other countries, Costa Rica has focused intensively on the latest technological advancements and the latest research (an easy task since it's Doctors either graduate from United States or Europe). No matter if it is your first time traveling for Medical Care, Tropical Medical Travel, can make it easy, personalized and affordable.


Personalized Packages can Include:

  •       Transportation
  •       Hotels & Recovery Centers
  •       Guided Tours
  •       Follow-up Care
  •       Interpreters

Medical Procedures:

  •         Orthopedic
  •         Bariatric
  •         Cosmetic Surgery
  •         Dental
  •         General Surgery
  •         Preventive Medicine
  •         Spinal Surgery
  •         Gynecology
  •         Ophthalmology
  •         Cardiology

Alternative Medicine:

  •        Homeopathy
  •        Stem Cells
  •        Neural Therapy
  •        And More

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