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Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Medical Tourism Experts of Guanacaste was formed by two health care executives from the United States.  Lorna and Richard Parsons have a combined experience in the healthcare industry of over 50 years.  In keeping abreast of the current healthcare trends, including the exponential growth in medical tourism, and after living in the beautiful province of Guanacaste for two years, it seemed odd to them that the majority of the medical tourism of Costa Rica was happening in San Jose.  The comparisons between the two locations are vast and significant.  Population, traffic congestion, weather, tourist opportunities, and five star resorts are just a few of the differences.  Guanacaste is everything that San Jose is not.  150,000 people vs. 2.5 million.  Sunshine vs. rain.  Beaches are 30 minutes from our hospital vs. a two hour drive from San Jose.  Peaceful and relaxing vs. congested and stressful.  Not to mention the many choices of private, beachfront hotels and five star resorts all available for you to choose from on this website under “Discount Accommodations”.

After experiencing the extraordinary competence of the local health care providers, coupled with their significant cost savings, the Parsons decided to share this discovery with those who need healthcare at affordable prices and are well-equipped to cater to your every need once you land in Liberia.  We know healthcare AND we live here!

The staff at MTEG serve as patient advocates and facilitators. Those traveling for a medical procedure, whether it is to another location in the patient’s home country or a foreign country, does add some additional challenges. Our job is to insure that those challenges are eliminated.  Having someone who knows the places and people involved can be very useful.  It is really a plus when the advocate has expertise and know-how concerning the medical system.  Experience matters.

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