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Contact:: Antonio J. Acosta-Rua
Work Phone:: +506 8993-7846
Toll-free number: +1 (305) 671-3533
San Jose, Costa Rica

About Us

Health Choices International is a very focused and condensed think tank with a high degree of sophistication in technology and the internet. We are a bi-lingual multi-cultural organization with firm roots in both the United States and Latin America. We are experienced experts in the field of health  care, medical travel, accreditation, training and widening cross cultural markets for our clients. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Antonio J. Acosta-Rua a Florida native and member of several boards and additionally a founder of Promed Costa Rica (The International Council for the Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine) which enters its seventh year and is hosting the 6th International Medical Travel and Business Summit along with the University of South Florida in June 2015.

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