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Contact:: Adriana Brenes
Work Phone:: +506 22911822
Sabana Norte, San José, Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica

Futuropa | Promoting Costa Rica in Europe

We are an organization of tourism professionals dedicated to promoting Costa Rica as a tourist destination for Europe. Our members of Futuropa Group know the needs and demands of European travellers who would like to visit Costa Rica. We provide information in several languages, maintain a high standard of quality in all services, and conduct all operations ethically in our relations with tourists and our business partners. The Futuropa Group actively supports the implementation of sustainable tourism practices amongst our participants.

Where we are headed

We aim to be the leading tourism specialists in the European market, bringing together Costa Rican tourism companies oriented towards these markets, for the purpose of:

  • Optimally developing European tourist markets to promote travel to Costa Rica and Central America.
  • Promoting Costa Rica as a destination that meets the expectations of European travellers and the European tourist industry, and that supports the sustainable development of the country.

Our Goals

  • To bring together Costa Rican companies that are well-suited for European markets, and which will contribute to their development in an integral manner.
  • To promote our associates’ services and Costa Rica as a destination in European Outbound Markets, both individually and in alliance with third parties, and to support sustainable development.
  • To develop European markets integrally and strategically.
  • To coordinate procedures for working in the European markets with other organizations and institutions on national, regional and international levels.
  • To guide, educate and train our associates and the Costa Rican tourism sector on the particularities of European markets.
  • To disclose at all times the projections, actions and reach of this Association.
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