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Contact:: Eugenia Fernandez
Work Phone:: +506-2288-7472
Toll-free number: U.S.A 305-517-5172
Guachipelin, San Rafael de Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica

Doctor Garita’s dental clinic, Mario Garita MP, The Dental Experience, is located in one of the most profitable and best commercial areas of San Jose, Costa Rica.  It is a top of the line brand new building with easy access and parking for the patients’ commodity.


Health tourism is a global concept in Costa Rican`s economy, not only because it includes medical services but all easiness needed by visitors such as lodging, food, transportation and other recreational services. Consequently countries that benefit from these services, have a competitive advantage from other countries in the world. That is why Costa Rica’s government stated health tourism theme as of "public interest."


For more than 23 years Doctor Mario has been a pioneer in health tourism being the maximum dental tourism representative in Costa Rica who has personally received and treated more than 3,500 patients from United States and Canada.



Company Biography:

Mario Garita MP, The Dental Experience is a clinic accredited by ADA (American Dentist Association and certified by AAAHC International, Canatur, Embassy of US in Costa Rica provides all dental services through the different specialists in the areas of  Dental Implants and Reconstruction, Cosmetic Reconstruction, Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, etc. Its vanguard office uses the highest technology available, the best materials at a fair price and full service dental laboratory with the most modern CAD​​/CAM equipment and skilled staff.


His owner and founder, Dr. Mario Garita is a Specialist on Dental Implants & Reconstruction; graduated from the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital and had been his enormous efforts and dreams become true in his own multimillion dollar clinic and dental lab.


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