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Contact:: Gervaise Wilhelm
Work Phone:: 1-651 226 0380
Toll-free number: 1-888-387-2152

Located in Minneapolis, MN , Caribbean Medical travel provides portal to portal arrangements for people traveling outside the US for medical or dental treatments in Costa Rica. Our service is tailored to North Americans because of the proximity to Costa Rica but we are happy to assist travelers from anywhere. While in the United States or Canada you will be assisted by a medical professional who will facilitate consultations with Costa Rican physicians, records transfers and any special accommodations you might need when you travel as well as secure arrangements at your destination medical facility

We work with a partner organization in Costa Rica, Medical Tours Costa Rica, who will meet you at the gate at the airport and take you through a VIP immigration and customs area to a private driver who will transport you to your hotel and hospital. You and a travel companion will always be accompanied by a destination specialist as you travel and during the hospital or clinic episode.

We will give you complete information about the procedures, the hospital, the doctors or dentists and you will know exactly what the costs are before you leave home. In most cases the costs, including travel, will be 40-60% of the cost of only the procedure in the United States.

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