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Contact:: Martha Arroyo
Work Phone:: +506-2668-1045
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Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The Liberian Chamber of Tourism-CALITUR comprises business men and women involved, directly or indirectly with the tourism industry in Guanacaste. As such, the Chamber identifies problems (real and potential) and seeks solutions through its affiliates.

CALITUR develops efforts to establish a viable tourism in Guanacaste in the short and long term. To date CALITUR has more than 130 affiliate members. Its Board of Directors works regularly monitor multiple projects being implemented in the area, often with a narrow contribution of other nonprofit institutions and regional and central government.


  • Promote Guanacaste as the first destination in Costa Rica
  • Take advantage of resources and opportunities we have for the tourism industry in Guanacaste.
  • Ensure that members become members of the growth that the area of Guanacaste is experiencing.
  • Provide relevant information to tourists in our region, Guanacaste.

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